Jun 112014

Long time readers will know that I like to share practical ways to save money that you won’t find on any other finance blog 🙂 Well I hope you like frugal recipe ideas, because today I will show you the Toast Sandwich recipe. This classic recipe dates back to the Victorian era. Invented in the 19th century in the UK, the toast sandwich recipe is known for being the cheapest lunchtime meal ever. In 2011 Britain’s scientists from the Royal Society of Chemistry cited the cost of each sandwich to be just 7.5 UK pence, which is about 13 cents US.  Jesus Crust that is cheap! 😯 It’s also ridiculously simple to prepare and find the ingredients for. So let’s get started!


The toast sandwich recipe

Cooking Instructions:
1) Spread butter on a slice of bread
2) Add salt to taste and toast the bread
3) Place the toast between two other slices of bread

And that’s how you make a toast sandwich. 😀 Below is a picture of one I just made. For a healthier twist, I used whole wheat instead of plain white bread. Total cost was about $0.25.


This frugal recipe is a smashing success! It tastes surprisingly good for what it is 🙂 The crunchiness of the toast combined with the soft texture of the bread actually works well together. The savoriness from the salt helps to bring out the flavors of the toast and melted butter. I would say it’s a bit on the dry side. But it’s more filling than a salad, so its got that goin’ for it, which is nice 😉  Overall I give this recipe 4 out of 5. 😀 You can’t really ask for a better dish for the price of literally a quarter!

Cent for cent this is the best value money can buy, which makes it an ideal recession food. This traditional toast sandwich recipe has been passed down by frugal British families for generations. And now you know it too! So the next time you feel a bit peckish but have run out of eggs and mayo there’s no knead to sulk and loaf around. 😛 Just make yourself a toast sandwich! Om nom nom (゜∀゜)

Random Useless Fact: 

According to recruiting company Simply Hired the average bread scientist makes $47,000 USD a year

14-06-bread-scientist toast sandwich recipe

Mar 042013

I bet some people would like to cut back on the cost of buying lunch. But what if you’re lazy like me and don’t want to prepare meals at home. Well here’s a cheap lunch alternative you can try out that’s healthy, cheap, and saves time (^_-) My first memory of spending money as a child was in elementary school where we had a meal program. For $50 a month you would be provided with lunch 5 days a week. The food varied day to day from sandwiches and hot dogs to mac and cheese but it was a very economical way to feed a large number of students. Because the school could buy ingredients in bulk, we are each getting more value out of our money than if we spent it on individual portions at restaurants. This was a very important lesson I learned. Combine small amounts of money to increase economic efficiency. Strength in numbers as they say.

This simple idea stuck with me until today. At my current work place we have a peer organized lunch club. I didn’t start it though and no one’s officially in charge. But the club generally contains bread, meat, cheese, veggies, and condiments. It’s open to everyone at the office. People can just drop by, pay $3, and make a sandwich for themselves. The money goes into a fund for pooled lunches. Last person to make their lunch cleans up though. 😛  I don’t join the club every day but it’s good to have a sandwich once in awhile, and it’s cheaper than if I had bought the ingredients myself and made it at home. Almost any work place can accommodate some kind of lunch club as long as you find some like minded co-workers. Most companies have fridges and cutlery already, so why not 😀 Ever since childhood, I’ve only had good experiences with shared lunch programs :0)