Apr 222014

In 2002 I didn’t have any money of my own yet. But today, I have over $750,000 in gross investments. Sometimes I feel like I don’t value money as much as I used to. I guess a lot can change in 12 years.

Do you ever get the feeling that the more you learn about the world around you, the less you realize you actually know about it? Throughout my adolescent years my view on personal finance was restrained to over simplified rules and models, taught by the public education system, which for practical life purposes meant very little 🙁 Isn’t it interesting that we learn how to dissect frogs and solve polynomial, algebraic, and transcendental functions in highschool, but are never taught how to buy or sell a home, how to use a credit card, or what kind of investments can be placed into a Roth IRA? 😕


Luckily education doesn’t have to just come from schools. Over the past 6 or so years I have exposed myself to regular doses of financial knowledge from newspapers, business shows, and of course, the internet. And now, in my mid twenties, I have a completely different view on finance. I used to think that money was just a medium of exchange that I could earn, spend, and save. While that’s not necessarily wrong, it doesn’t tell the full picture.

So here’s a better explanation of what money TRULY represents to me.

When I look at money today I see POWER. When I look at my net worth I feel POTENTIAL. When I save money I insure my future SECURITY. When I spend money I’m buying INFLUENCE, and I’m buying back my TIME, which is the most precious commodity in the world! When I read about money I gain KNOWLEDGE & UNDERSTANDING about society. When I invest money I facilitate jobs, wealth, hope for others, and create MEANING to this world. When I waste money I squander my LIBERTY and INDEPENDENCE. When I invest money into stocks I’m buying POSSIBILITIES. When I blog about money I share and disseminate CONFIDENCE. And when I eventually reach financial independence I will experience FREEDOM like never before.

Money gives me perspective and context. By associating money with powerful words it’s easy to understand the importance of financial literacy, not just from a materialistic point of view, but also in terms of reconciling our emotional and personal well being with the modern world we all live in. The more we understand how money works the more dominion and authority we’ll have over all the dimensions of our lives. By controlling our money we control our fates! 😉

Will it take a lot of work to reach financial enlightenment? Maybe. But will it be worth it? Definitely! 😀

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Aug 242011

How my perception about materialism/income have drastically changed in the last decade or so.

Year – 2002
Occupation – high school
Outlook on life – apathetic

Adult life sounds difficult. There seems to be so much responsibility. What’s the point of making money other than to survive? Money isn’t everything. As long as I have enough to live on then that’s all that matters. The average Canadian makes $40k/yr. Sounds like a lot already. I will be very satisfied if I can make $40,000/yr some day.

Year – 2005
Occupation – college
Outlook on life – concerned
Looks like post secondary education is a necessity these days to even find a decent job. I’m not actually ahead of most people. I should work harder or else I’ll get left behind when all my friends start working in their respective careers. With the way inflation is going I should be able to make $60,000/yr some day if I apply myself in school and try to find a good job afterwards.

Year – 2008
Occupation – junior associate
Outlook on life – inspired
Starting my first real job, great! My entry level compensation is only $35K but looks like there is plenty of room for career advancement. All my co-workers are making much more than me and they have nicer homes, newer cars, and give off sophisticated auras. Some of the senior graphic designer are making $70K a year, wow.  If I include the income from my part-time job, I should be able to eventually make $80,000/yr of total income one day.

Year – 2011
Occupation – intermediate associate
Outlook on life – optimistic
Got a promotion this year. Also starting to make a small bit of investment income. I’m buying all the comics, toys, and food I couldn’t afford before when I was broke. Money is awesome. I’m starting to want more and more of it. I’m only making mid 5 figures now, but I think some day I can make $100,000/yr and eventually reach financial independence. This new blog I started last year will help me reach my goals.

I guess a lot can change in 9 years.