Aug 072013

Read an article describing the current lifestyles of many young Americans. According to a Pew Research Center analysis, 36% of adults between 18 to 31 were still living with their folks in 2012. It used to be 32% just 5 years ago. I’ve heard people are getting married later in life. Maybe leaving the nest later is part of the reason 😕 But here’s what caught my attention, millennial males (40%,) were “significantly more” likely to live with mom and dad than millennial females (32%.)


Adult sons are expected to do less housework, and are given more freedom than daughters so it’s easier for a young man to live at home and still feel independent than for a young women, which is probably why “women tend to mature, emotionally, faster than men,” says the chair of the psychology department at Golden Gate University in San Francisco. Furthermore young women today tend to outperform men in post-secondary education. 71% of female high school grads last year were accepted into college, but only 61% of males managed to do the same, according to the US government’s Bureau of Labor Statistics. Females also tend to finish college faster than males and have a better chance to find a job afterwards with an out of school unemployment rate of 11% compared to the guys at 16%.

Ladies: Congrats 😀 You are doing really well for yourselves. Keep it up!
Guys: Dagnabbit ( >_<) Some of you losers are making the rest of us male millennials look like a bunch of spoiled, lazy, pampered, immature, freeloading, disgraceful, good-for-nothing, piles of rubbish 😡 No wonder why women around Vancouver complain about how the men here suck and lack motivation. Haha, I’m just teasing 😛 Don’t give up guys 🙂

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