May 292013

This post is meant to inspire all the female readers out there 🙂 Forbes released their annual list of the 100 most powerful women around the world in 2013. These are the politicians, CEOs, activist billionaires, and celebrities who have a lot of influence in our society.

The top spot went to Angela Merkel (left image below) the Chancellor of Germany. She has made the list eight times out of the past ten years — and an impressive 7 times in first place. The Chancellor is the head of Germany’s government, similar to the Prime Minister in Canada. Merkel has made Germany quite productive and competitive with the strongest economy among all European nations, and placed it on the map as the most popular country in the world. Who cares if Germans are known to wear socks with sandals, Germany is the hip place to be now with a great work environment, fair taxes, and cool tourist attractions 🙂  The amount of power Merkel has over Europe and the rest of the western world is incredible. When she speaks, people listen. Rounding out the top 5 in the list in descending order is Dilma Rouseff the President of Brazil, Melinda Gates the Co-chair of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the First Lady Michelle Obama, and politician/philanthropist Hillary Clinton.


Many new entrants in Forbes’ list are from Asia, and most of them are businesswomen. There also seems to be a boom for females in technology for example with Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg at #6. Sara Blakely (right image above) is also on the list. Her original plan to become an attorney didn’t work out after twice doing poorly on the LSAT so she worked for a bit at Disney World instead and did some stand-up comedy to help pay the bills. She then decided to start a pantyhose and undergarments company called Spanx while still in her twenties (around my current age.) Now at forty two, she’s the youngest self-made female billionaire in the world 😀 It’s never too early or too late to get into the entrepreneurial spirit. Don’t give you on your dreams. Keep sleeping 😛 You don’t have to be a Disney princess for your dreams to come true. If you’re willing to work hard then there’s no limit to what you can accomplish 😉

Random Useless Fact: The words regardless and irregardless mean the same thing.

Feb 252013

Found a list of 17 ways that rich people tend to think. It’s been floating around the internet for awhile and there’s even a Youtube video on it. How legitimate or practical this list actually is probably will depend on who you ask. And the terms “rich” is pretty subjective to begin with. I don’t know if all the points it lists are true, but it’s fun to go down through it anyway and see if you have any of these traits yourself 🙂



Rich people….

1. Believe they create their own destiny
2. Play the money game to win
3. Are committed to being rich, not just want to be
4. Think big
5. Focus on opportunities rather than obstacles
6. Admire other rich and successful people rather than resent them
7. Associate with positive, successful people
8. Are willing to promote themselves
9. Are bigger than their problems
10. Are great receivers
11. Choose to get paid based on results, not time
12. Think “both” instead of “either or”
13. Focus on their net worth more than their income
14. Manage their money well
15. Make money work hard for them
16. Take action despite fear
17. Constantly learn and grow

I fit in with most of these, so I guess that means I’m on the right track to becoming rich :0) Despite being about your financial well being I think most of the items on the list are pretty good suggestions for how to become successful in life, in general 😀

Random Useless Fact:  Look at the images below. What do you notice about them?

13_02_colgateflossad thinking like the rich

This is Colgate’s clever advertisement for their dental floss. The idea is that having leftover food between your teeth is so noticeable and attention grabbing, that you might not have even noticed the physical defects in these images, like how in the top picture the lady has one finger too many on her hand. The second picture has an out-of-place arm resting on the guy’s shoulders. And the fellow in the bottom picture is missing his right ear. Which did you notice first, the food between their teeth or the strange body parts?