Aug 152018

The idea that higher minimum wage helps the working poor is utterly ridiculous. It’s a lie spread by liberal politicians and their supporters so they can take more tax money from individuals.

According to the Calgary Herald, rising minimum wage was the cause of 25,700 jobs disappearing in the city. But things will likely get worse as Alberta’s minimum wage will soon grow to $15 an hour. The Bank of Canada warned that minimum wage hikes could cost the country up to 136,000 jobs by 2019. Ouch. That’s some hard cheese. ūüôĀ

Minimum Wage is a violation of basic human rights

Instead of protecting our life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness the government actually violates our rights by creating a minimum wage law, which¬†prevents mutually beneficial, voluntary labour contracts between two parties from taking place. It’s absurd that some government official can think they have the right to prevent others from offering their personal services for pay.

You have to be an egotistical control freak to believe that you somehow know the magic amount of what a minimum wage should be. You also have to believe that this one arbitrary number can be fairly applied to millions of agreements and transactions between people living in different cities, with different costs of living. That kind of patronizing thinking is pure buffoonery to me.

What gives them the right to decide how much my service is worth? Apparently these politicians think it doesn’t matter if the work is shoveling snow, teaching calculus, or giving CPR, because everyone’s time and labour is magically of equal value! But anyone who reads this blog regularly is smart enough to realize this is simply not true in the real world.

When I worked at a warehouse earlier this year I was making about $14/hr. My coworkers and I were pleased with our pay. Nobody talked about unionizing because we were all treated fairly. But if minimum wage were to increase then some of us would lose our jobs for sure. Even if we want to come back the law would make it illegal for the company to hire us at $14/hr. It would be very difficult for laid off workers to find a similar job that pays better. Raising the minimum wage displaces workers and increases the incentive to leave the job market altogether to live on social assistance. This is very damaging to the lives of low income workers.


How Minimum Wage hurts the poor the most

There is a myth being spread that governments can somehow mandate employers to pay all their minimum wage workers more money. And therefore, an increase in the minimum wage will benefit those workers.

Unfortunately the reality is not that simple. The actual fact is that governments can only give employers the choice of either paying their workers more or employing fewer workers – both scenarios are bad news for low income earners.

  • If the owner employs fewer workers, the least skilled employees are the first to get canned.
  • If workers are paid more, the least productive employees will lose their jobs and be replaced by other people who are more qualified and can provide more value to customers in the marketplace.

If an employee¬†only creates $12/hr of value then it wouldn’t be sustainable for a business to pay him $15/hr for his labour. Either that worker’s productivity/ skills/ efficiency have to improve, or he will be laid off.¬†Companies can also invest in new technology to bypass human workers altogether.

When minimum wage is forced onto employers it's the busines sowners that hurt the most.

Furthermore increasing the minimum wage across the board will create inflation and raise the price of goods and services. The people who are most disadvantaged by rising minimum wage are the working poor because their cost of living will increase disproportionately to everyone else. The dollar is devalued and the affordability gap widens between the rich and poor.

So if the idea is to help low income workers, then increasing the minimum wage is the antithesis of what we need to be doing. If you are making around minimum wage, then logically speaking you should be the most against raising it because you are most at risk of losing your job.


Why the Minimum Wage is Racist

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Aug 172012

Read an article in the Globe that paints a pretty clear picture of who the richest 1% are. In order to join this elite club an individual has to make more than $230,000 a year. Sounds like a lot, but it’s still lower than what’s needed in the United States which is¬†$380,000. Before we¬†criticize¬†these greedy pigs let’s take a look at some key points from the study.

  • Over half of them work more than 50 hours a week (o.O)
  • 58% of them have at least a bachelor’s degree. But only 19% of the entire adult population are university graduates.
  • Only 10% of these top earners work in the financial/insurance industry, despite getting the most heat from the public.
  • Only 17% of them are women
Most of us in the general population work around 35 to 45 hours a week. If you work more than 50 hours, you are in the top 20% of the hardest working folks in Canada. ¬†A¬†$230,000 salary translates into less than $150,000 of take-home pay here in BC. Sure that’s still a lot, but if I lived in a dual income household where my partner made as much as I do right now, then our combined after tax income would equal more than half of $150,000. So if a top 1% earner spends $100 on dinner, then we would spend maybe $50 or $60. Instead of buying a million dollar house we can only afford a $500,000 house. The quality of life for a top 1% earner and that of the average family’s isn’t that huge of a difference. Not even the 1% can have it all lol.¬†I’m sure some of them lied, cheated, or didn’t work their way legitimately to the top. ¬†But I believe many are diligent, hard working people and deserve what they get paid.

Random Useless Facts: Ok, not so useless today. Here are some innovative ideas to try out if you spend a lot of time cooking or being around food. Found this on awhile ago.