Oct 282013

It seems a lot of my friends are getting engaged and married lately. Darn, that makes me feel old lol 😆 One question you might ask if you’re planning a wedding is how much money to spend on a cake 😀 So here’s a budgeting guide for wedding cakes.

Some people over estimate how much cake they actually need. This often leads to a lot of it being left over. Proper planning can reduce wasted food and money 🙂 From what I’ve heard the general rule is each finger slice of cake can cost between $2 to $5. This is for a typical buttercream or fondant wedding cake with vanilla icing. However larger cakes with 3 more more tiers can cost up to $8 per slice because stacking becomes more difficult and more work goes into transportation. So make sure to budget accordingly to avoid walking on thin icing later 😀

To give a rough estimate using the numbers above, a wedding cake for a small reception of 25 people should cost around $150. A cake for 100 would be about $500. And for 200 people it would be $1,200. Simply extrapolate these numbers if you gateau-ver 200 guests 😀 These estimates will get you a pretty decent cake and should be enough for most couples.

However there is always a range of options you can choose from, so ask around and sponge off your friends for ideas 🙂 High end specialty cake makers that can add exotic ingredients or wedge in 😀 additional services can charge $10/slice or more. The cake at Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding in 2011 was $80,000, and looked absolutely stunning!


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May 022013

13_05_ironman3posterTomorrow the much anticipated Iron Man 3 movie comes out in North America 😀 I can’t wait to see it! Other movies I’m looking forward to this summer are Star Trek Into Darkness, Man of Steel, World War Z, Pacific Rim, and The Wolverine. What movie are you excited for this year? The film industry is a very lucrative space bringing in more than 10 billion dollars a year just in US domestic box office revenue.

How can ordinary folks like us get a piece of this market? I am successfully doing it in two ways right now. The first is to own a piece of the giant movie studios that are making these films 😉 They include names most people are already familiar with like Universal (Comcast), Buena Vista (Disney), Fox (NewsCorp), Paramount (Viacom), Sony, and Warner Bros. All these companies are publicly traded. Any time these studios make money, which they all do, you and I (as long as we own their stocks) will be the beneficiaries 😀 This is why I decided to invested $2,000 in Disney earlier this year. When The Avengers movie broke sales records and they announced more Marvel movies to come out over the next few years I knew Disney was going to take me places 🙂 I bought Disney in March and its shares have appreciated by more than 10% already woohoo \(^_^)/

But there are so many movie companies. How do you know which one to invest in? I would look at businesses that you think has the strongest brands. I like Disney because besides Marvel Entertainment, they also own Pixar Animation, ESPN, Lucas film, and about 27% of Hulu. And I like all those brands! Not to mention Disney is also in the business of lodging and merchandising. So they’re a very diversified and well rounded company ∩( ・ω・)  They even have a Disney University where cast member go for professional development and job training lol.


The second way we can profit from the film industry is to invest in movie theaters. Every year there are more visits to cinemas than amusement parks and sporting events combined. In 2011 I wrote about how I invested $2,000 in Cineplex. They are the largest theater name in Canada. And so far their stock price is up over 30% from when I bought them, woohoo again (^_^)


Mar 042013

I bet some people would like to cut back on the cost of buying lunch. But what if you’re lazy like me and don’t want to prepare meals at home. Well here’s a cheap lunch alternative you can try out that’s healthy, cheap, and saves time (^_-) My first memory of spending money as a child was in elementary school where we had a meal program. For $50 a month you would be provided with lunch 5 days a week. The food varied day to day from sandwiches and hot dogs to mac and cheese but it was a very economical way to feed a large number of students. Because the school could buy ingredients in bulk, we are each getting more value out of our money than if we spent it on individual portions at restaurants. This was a very important lesson I learned. Combine small amounts of money to increase economic efficiency. Strength in numbers as they say.

This simple idea stuck with me until today. At my current work place we have a peer organized lunch club. I didn’t start it though and no one’s officially in charge. But the club generally contains bread, meat, cheese, veggies, and condiments. It’s open to everyone at the office. People can just drop by, pay $3, and make a sandwich for themselves. The money goes into a fund for pooled lunches. Last person to make their lunch cleans up though. 😛  I don’t join the club every day but it’s good to have a sandwich once in awhile, and it’s cheaper than if I had bought the ingredients myself and made it at home. Almost any work place can accommodate some kind of lunch club as long as you find some like minded co-workers. Most companies have fridges and cutlery already, so why not 😀 Ever since childhood, I’ve only had good experiences with shared lunch programs :0)

Dec 102012

I was recently invited to help host a big giveaway along with some prominent bloggers in the personal finance space. So in line with the holiday spirit I am happy to announce that we are giving away an Apple iPad 3 32GB wi-fi. The winner may choose the color :0) Details for the iPad 3 giveaway below.

ipad 3 giveaway

Here are the Terms and Conditions

This contest is open to everyone worldwide, although shipping is only available where Amazon.com delivers.  Free shipping is available within US & Canada up to $50.  Winner is responsible for any applicable taxes or duties. Winner is welcome to choose a different iPad model, but overall prize value will not exceed $700 including shipping.  No cash will be included with the prize. If the winner’s color of choice is not available a different color will be selected.

To enter via facebook, you are required to ‘like’ every single co-host on the list.  You can also enter via twitter, RSS feed or Google+ with the other listed options.  Plus you are able to enter daily by tweeting the contest post. The contest runs from December 10th to 28th 2012.  The winner will be contacted via e-mail.  You must respond within 48 hours to claim your prize or a new winner will be chosen.


*This giveaway has ended*


Feb 242012

I’ve decided to participate in the Yakezie Challenge, which is going to be a great way to network with other like minded folks and grow my blog’s Alexa ranking.Proud Member of Yakezie———————————————–

On another note. I finally had some time to add a blogroll under my “Best Reads” menu so you guys can know what kind of websites I read in my spare time.


On a final note. My RIM stock giveaway contest from earlier this week is now closed to new entries.  Only 11 people entered, but I was expecting more (>_<) Oh well. I suppose this means everyone who participated has a better chance of winning then (^_~) The table below shows RIM’s real time price (minus up to 20 minutes), and how close each entry’s predictions are. As the gap between their predicted price of RIM and the real price gets closer, it will turn greener. The final winner will be decided at the end of the month on the 29th. Good luck everyone..

[iframe https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/pub?key=0Aog7OusUIUn2dEh2RXZ5bVd1MFNCNmZ3U2x5Q0s3MWc&single=true&gid=0&range=A29%3AC42&output=html 600 300]