Dec 242015

It’s a Wonderful Life – Movie

I recently watched a black and white film from 1946 called It’s a Wonderful Life. The story is about a man named George Bailey who becomes overwhelmed with family obligations and a sense of responsibility towards his work and the people in his community of Bedford Falls. Faced with mounting financial challenges George starts to fall into despair. But just when things start to look really grim, an angel appears and tries to help George.?

The angel shows George how dreadful the town would have been if he had never been born. Through a vision we see that those who are close to George are either ruined, or miserable. George learns to appreciate his family and his happiness. He realizes that he has touched many people in a positive way and that he truly has a wonderful life. 🙂


The lesson we can take away from this movie is that wealth isn’t only measured by numbers in a bank account. Our character and virtue can mean a lot too. Have a great holiday everyone! 😀


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Dec 252012

Let’s spend this day not thinking about money and just be mindful of those less fortunate, be grateful of the stuff and people we have, and give thanks that the world didn’t end on the 21st like some have predicted 😀

Happy holidays and seasons greetings :0)

Merry christmas

Dec 232011

BMO expects average Canadians to spend $582 on gifts this year. ARG expects Americans to spend $646. I don’t normally see my relatives during Christmas, and I don’t have many close friends, so I’ll be spending lots of time with my parents this holiday.

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They are not materialistic people so for most years we don’t buy each other anything for birthdays or Christmas. I realized from a young age that time is the most valuable commodity. Presents don’t last, unless it’s an experience worthy of being remembered, which can be achieved without using lots of money. I spent about $100 total this holiday on gifts and entertainment. Most of that was for myself :0) My family and some of my friends spent similar amounts. We still maintain our relationships by hanging out once in awhile, but since we don’t buy each other presents we are effectively giving each other savings. Several hundreds dollars worth of savings each. That’s a pretty good gift right there. Plus, no headaches trying to figure out what to get for others. I want blu-ray movies just like anyone else, but the more we receive the more we’re pressured to reciprocate and give back. So I’ll just buy the movies myself. But giving and receiving time is priceless, and can’t be compared or measured.

At the end of the day, it’s the thought that counts. Here are some gift ideas that require more time than money.
-Burn a CD with their favorite tunes
-Bake Christmas cookies
-Knit a pair of mittens for the cold weather
-Print, frame, and give them a picture of themselves
-Make custom greeting cards, bookmarks, etc

Merry Christmas!