Jul 162015

Earlier this year a Vancouver house with a $5 million assessed value was put on the market for¬†$6 million. Guess how much it ended up selling for? Hint, it’s in the upscale Shaughnessy neighbourhood. ūüôā


After 12 days and multiple bids from 10 prospective buyers the 78 year old¬†home was sold for $8 million, lol. Welcome to Vancouver. You’re welcome to buy a house¬†here, as long as you’re willing to pay $2 million over the asking price. ūüėõ

Our hot real estate market is about to get¬†even more extreme because yesterday morning¬†the Bank of Canada announced another 0.25% rate cut.¬†Holy pumpernickel! Now it will be even harder to raise rates in the future without pricking the bubble.¬†📌

The Effects of the Rate Cut¬†‚úā

The overnight lending rate was lowered to 0.5% in an attempt to boost capital expenditure and drive companies to spend more on hiring and manufacturing. However this will also unintentionally persuade already heavily indebted consumers to take on even more debt.

The problem with monetary policy is that it affects the entire country even though places like Vancouver really don’t need any further easing of credit.¬†A better solution would have been to address the faltering economy in some parts of Canada, like Alberta, using targeted fiscal policy instead of a blanket rate cut. But that’s just my personal opinion.

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