Nov 302015

Some people are so poor they can’t even afford to pay attention. ? But jokes aside, this is an important issue. About 15% of Americans, and 10% of Canadians live in poverty. Since each country has its own criteria for defining the poor it wouldn’t be fair to compare the two. However, I have a simple solution to reduce both country’s national poverty rate to effectively 0%. 😀

The Current Problems Around Poverty

North America has an abundance of wealth and there is enough food and other resources today to go around for everyone who lives here. But there are barriers in place that prevent some people from becoming financially literate and a self sustaining part of society.

  • A lack of practical education. 


Education is the best chance for a poor person to get out of poverty. The current public education system does a great job of testing our memories, but not so much on teaching us how to critically think for ourselves in the real world, especially when it comes to the application of mathematics and financial knowledge.

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Jul 252015

As a blogger, I sometimes feel cold, probably because I’m surrounded by so many drafts. 😀 One draft I’ve been meaning to publish is today’s post, which is about my blogging income. I like to be upfront about the money I make from side hustles. Regular readers will know I earn about $10K a year from rent, $6K from dividends, etc. Recently my online income has grown to the point where I feel like I should address it. So in the interest of transparency I’d like to share a bit about my online income. The tl;dr version is that I make about $500 a year blogging. Details below.

I started monetizing Freedom 35 about 3 years ago. Prior to that the blog didn’t make any money. I usually spend around 5 hours a week blogging, generally writing 2 posts per week. So in terms of hourly rate it appears my writing efforts make a jaw-dropping $1.92 per hour, haha. 🙂 Just to be clear this post is not about how to make money online, or how to monetize a website. There’s no shortage of experts out there who claim to have the secret sauce to build a successful online empire. But the main purpose of this post is to provide disclosure to readers.

15-07 what do personal finance bloggers do and what people think they do

My blog’s main source of revenue comes from Google Adsense. It allows me to place ads like the ones on the right side of this page. These ads earn about $20 to $25 a month. 🙂 Due to the Terms of Service agreement with Adsense I can’t show all the details of my earnings. But here’s a quick peek at my performance from a screenshot I took last month.

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Jul 022014

Achieving Blog Notoriety

So I Googled my blog for fun, to see if it shows up on the front page. Well in doing so I have discovered something else that’s quite interesting. It appears people on the internet who aren’t bloggers have been talking about my site. 😀 So I’ve decided to share some of those comments with you guys today. I’m too lazy to type out everything so I just took snippets of screenshots instead. Below is a collection of mean comments on different forums and message boards about Freedom 35 Blog.

14-06-commentsaboutblog popular

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May 062013

Last week I went to a free info event for bloggers about how to market and brand themselves. It was organized by Connecting Bloggers and Brands. For me there are always 3 big takeaways from these kinds of events.

1) Learning. They had bright people from successful bloggers to public relation experts at corporations like Telus and Microsoft there to educate people about marketing and developing a brand. I certainly learned a lot from their presentations and panel discussions. Thanks to Telus, Canada Beef Inc, and other sponsors for making this event free to the public blogging community 🙂

2) Networking. Thanks to the dividend ninja who tweeted about this conference last month. Otherwise I wouldn’t have known about it. Met some other cool local bloggers there as well like @mashedthoughts, @seapotato, and @Vancouvervogue.

3) Swag. This event had some awesome free goodies. I felt like a kid going trick or treating again. Almost couldn’t fit everything into one bag. Telus’ brand is using critters in their ads so they were giving away red panda and cheetah plushes 🙂 Other loot I acquired include a 3 month free subscription to the Globe and Mail, a “#loveCDNbeef” t-shirt, a notebook, a porcelain mug with silicone lid, a double wall iced tumbler with a straw, a BACONISTA t-shirt, an insulated cooler basket, and many more. There was also a free lunch 🙂 They even had macrons! And since there were plenty of left over food I decided to take some home for dinner.


The Bloggers Brands team is traveling across Canada and holding similar events in Calgary, Regina, Winnipeg, and other cities this year. Maybe they’re coming to a location near you 🙂

Random Useless Fact: If you ever need to rush somewhere, carry a fire extinguisher with you. No one will try to stop someone running with a fire extinguisher.