The 2 links below represent all the stocks I’m holding in my brokerage accounts. I will update the lists of stocks I own as time goes by.

Note: My peer to peer lending account is not included in the above listed portfolios.


  • Hedge Fund – This shows all my stocks that are paying dividends that can be used to pay for my living expenses.


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  1. am just new her in Canada could it be possible to join a certain investment vehicle?if so what’s the best option for me?

    • Hi Jessica. I would start with what you’re most comfortable with. But generally I suggest you put your investments in a TFSA, which is a tax efficient vehicle available to anyone over 18 years old. The money you put in there is allowed to grow tax free basically. I like to put dividend stocks, index funds, and ETFs in my TFSA, but you can speak with any financial representative at your favourite bank and they will be happy to give you more details 😀

  2. Hi I am interested in seeing how your stocks are currently performing at the moment do you have them up on your page anywhere? I want to see what you hold what you bought it at and what it’s currently worth

  3. explain what it means to be a foreign farmland owner (foreign enitiy ) controlled by a saskatchewan resisdent

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