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This is a blog on wealth creation strategies. I’ve been developing an investment doctrine which combines the wealth building tactics used by successful individuals all around the world. These tactics may include but are not limited to, leveraging, value investing, working at a part-time job, swing trading, dividend investing, alternative investingmultiple income sources, hedging, starting a business, etc. Most investment decisions I’ve made have been profitable. However I have also made some poor investment decisions along the way so I hope others can learn from my mistakes. Eventually I plan to reach financial freedom when I am 35 years old, hence the name for this blog.

When I began investing years ago I barely made more than a few hundred dollars from dividend paying stocks. Back then my investment returns were just a fraction of my employment income 🙁 But in my second year I had made about $1,000 in dividends, and so on. Today my main stock portfolio generates over $5,000 a year in dividends. You can read the Stocks category to find out which types of stocks I like to buy. The apartment I bought in 2009 for $230,000 had appreciated to $270,000 by 2011, which is a passive net worth increase of $40,000. And it’s worth even more than that today. The farm I bought for $150,000 is worth at least $200,000 today because the average farm price increased by 19% in 2012, then by 28% in 2013, and is still climbing today.

In 2014 my annual investment returns is more than the income I make from my full time job 😀

My overall strategy is not a get rich quick and easy scheme because it does require a little discipline, an appetite for risk, and a lot of patience. But it’s simple to understand, realistic, and easy to execute. I usually post all my latest investment ideas and financial management strategies on the main page. Knowledge is power, and the more we know the better equipped we’ll be to reach our goals. To become better at wealth creation we must learn from those who have already created it.

If I had to sum up my winning strategy so far it would be this: Study what the rich have been successfully doing for generations, and follow in their footsteps 🙂 If we think like the rich, and act like the rich, then eventually it would only make sense that we will become rich ourselves.

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  1. Hi Freedom35,

    I am a regular reader and follower of your blog. I love your articles and the amazing strategies you use for investments and wealth creation.
    I have a question. In one of the articles on Mortgage Invetsment Corporation investments you mentioned that you borrowed $2,000 Home Equity LOC (3.5% interest.) and $3,000 Margin Loan (4.25% interest). I’m assuming both are good low-cost loans provided against your property (which is under mortgage). For someone without property how can I borrow at such low interest and invest in higher-yield investment ? Please advise.

    Thank you.

    • Hi Sridhar. If you don’t have a home, you can use can borrow money at cheap rates against your stocks instead. You will have to do this in a margin account, which you can open with any discount broker. I’m using Interactive Brokers at the moment because they have the lowest borrowing rate, at 2%. So for example, you can deposit $10,000 into your margin account. Then purchase $15,000 of stocks, effectively borrowing $5,000 from the broker. This $5,000 loan is secured by the new stocks that you now own. But keep an eye on your leverage ratio because anything higher than 2.0x is at risk of getting a margin call. My margin loan used to be 4.25% with TD, but I’ve transferred my stocks to Interactive Brokers last year because of the reduced borrowing cost. 🙂

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