Sep 072014

For cat lovers what could be a better housewarming gift than having a furry feline delivered right to your new home? 🙂 The largest bank in Eastern Europe called Sberbank Rossii is offering this unique service right meow. 😀 For a limited time only anyone who signs up for a mortgage with this lender will be able to choose one from a selection of ten different cats on the company’s website.


Then the bank will litter-ally deliver the cat to the customer’s new property. The home owner can play with the cat and take pictures of it but eventually will have to give the cat back so the bank can satisfy its other customers. But Sberbank is a Russian bank and this offur is not available in Canada or the U.S. Large banks are always thinking of creative ways to acquire new clients. This is probably one of the most bizarre strategies I’ve seen though 😕


Apparently in Mother Russia it’s good luck to have a cat be the first to enter a new home. Sberbank has uploaded a short YouTube video that allegedly shows its “real” customers choosing the cats they want, leading the cats into their homes for the first time, and being all giddy and excited by it 😀

I’m sure it’s just a coincidence that everyone in the video is above average looking, and it’s perfectly normal for women to wear high heels in the comfort of their own homes, and it’s not awkward at all to fist bump your mortgage broker 🙄

But this “incentive program” to increase mortgage sign ups has given some animal welfare experts some paws for concern. They say it essentially objectifies the cats and could cause them a lot of unnecessary distress being moved around so often 🙁 I don’t think the BC SPCA would ever allow for this kind of campaign around here, lol.

Random Useless Fact:
If you need the threat of eternal torture to be a good person, you’re not a good person.

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Wrong on so many levels *smh* – Cheers.


This is so wrong lol.


Good god, *ducks from all the cat lovers*, I hate cats and find this horrifying! I would ask that they keep the cat and subtract the value of the cat from the mortgage 😀


Looks like I have a business opportunity at hand… I already have a stash of cats 😉 LOL

No More Waffles

Haha, this is completely insane! Best marketing strategy ever. 😀

I love the part where the girl literally throws the cat onto the floor!

Laurie @thefrugalfarmer

Could this be my next side hustle? 🙂