Sep 182013

Time again to learn about you, the readers :D Earlier this year I put up a poll on this blog to find out how much wealth we all had. Thanks to everyone who voted (^_^) Here are the results below.


I’m surprised no one who voted has a negative net worth. So even if people have student loans and other debts they somehow have enough assets to still retain positive wealth. The median net worth of fellow readers appear to be around the $350,000 mark. That is quite impressive since the median net worth of Canadian households is only about $230,000. Congrats fellas 😀 The typical reader of this site is 50% richer than the general population. Is it just a coincidence or because of all the useful financial and investment strategies I write about 😉 Joking aside, I think it’s because people who are serious about taking control of their finances are more likely to be wealthy and are also more likely to stumble across my blog 😎

If we further extrapolate the data we find that about 16% of you readers are millionaires ❗ Well, I’ll be!  Apparently I still have much to learn and experience in financial matters since my net worth today is only $187,000, which means most of you guys are richer than me 😕 However I’m planning to run this poll again next year when my net worth is estimated to be $250,000, if I get the 15% return on investment I’m expecting. By then I hope all of you will have also expanded your own household finances and maybe the median reader net worth will be higher 🙂 Good luck everyone.

Random Useless Fact: This is what an upside down lily pad looks like. If you feel a sense of uneasiness when looking at the image below, or find it somehow disturbing or hard to look at, then you may be trypophobic. Warning: if you think you have trypophobia, don’t try to Google “trypophobia” You might just freak yourself out 😛 And definitely DO NOT watch this YouTube video.13-9-lilypad

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Wow that is awesome. I’m surprised also that there were no negative net worth results.


Neat. I wouldn’t mind getting bumped up a few more levels. We’ll see next time!


Don’t forget to enjoy life my friend. It should never be a race to our inevitable ends. Money helps with life’s bumps along the way, but health and happiness is immeasurable. Random useless fact about me: I love paddling my canoe through the lily pads on super calm, fall foggy mornings, where the fog layer is hanging about 1m off the water surface. I think I know what I should be planning to do tomorrow morning now… – Cheers.


Wow, it’s surprising to me also that no one has a negative wealth. Either way, your survey is a great way to get to know your readers, awesome idea!!

mochimac @ save. spend. splurge.

I love that your readers are all in the positive 😀 Means the comments are full of great advice.

Anyway, money isn’t everything either, so don’t be too caught up on it 😀


Right on… interesting how your readers have the positive net worth. Maybe some were too shy but there is nothing to be shy about. It’s more important to find a way to get above water and stay positive.

Amanda @ My Life, I Guess

Clearly I should have voted so that you’d have at least 1 with a negative net-worth.


You have a lot of rich readers.
With a readership like this you could sell banner space to yacht brokers and sports car manufacturers?
Maybe letting the survey run a little longer would get you a more statistically accurate result.
I’d still think about the high end adverts though.
Well done for attracted such a wealthy set of readers


Man, I definitely need to chat with the ones skewing the results (on the high end of course!) 🙂

Its funny because pictures of that stuff always makes me antsy; I remember frying chopped up garlic in oil and the shape it made in the pan gave me chills, but everyone just thought i was crazy. I actually found out the name of that phobia over the weekend, and it was because my brother kept showing me random pictures and seeing how i would react. So yes, I have that phobia. It is nice to put a name on it finally! 😛

Have a good weekend!

Eva @ Girl Counting Pennies

Great results! I have a positive net worth but it’s nowhere near the $350 000 mark! Must. work. harder! 😛