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Found a list of 17 ways that rich people tend to think. It’s been floating around the internet for awhile and there’s even a Youtube video on it. How legitimate or practical this list actually is probably will depend on who you ask. And the terms “rich” is pretty subjective to begin with. I don’t know if all the points it lists are true, but it’s fun to go down through it anyway and see if you have any of these traits yourself :)



Rich people….

1. Believe they create their own destiny
2. Play the money game to win
3. Are committed to being rich, not just want to be
4. Think big
5. Focus on opportunities rather than obstacles
6. Admire other rich and successful people rather than resent them
7. Associate with positive, successful people
8. Are willing to promote themselves
9. Are bigger than their problems
10. Are great receivers
11. Choose to get paid based on results, not time
12. Think “both” instead of “either or”
13. Focus on their net worth more than their income
14. Manage their money well
15. Make money work hard for them
16. Take action despite fear
17. Constantly learn and grow

I fit in with most of these, so I guess that means I’m on the right track to becoming rich :0) Despite being about your financial well being I think most of the items on the list are pretty good suggestions for how to become successful in life, in general 😀

Random Useless Fact:  Look at the images below. What do you notice about them?

13_02_colgateflossad thinking like the rich

This is Colgate’s clever advertisement for their dental floss. The idea is that having leftover food between your teeth is so noticeable and attention grabbing, that you might not have even noticed the physical defects in these images, like how in the top picture the lady has one finger too many on her hand. The second picture has an out-of-place arm resting on the guy’s shoulders. And the fellow in the bottom picture is missing his right ear. Which did you notice first, the food between their teeth or the strange body parts?

  29 Responses to “Thinking Like the Rich”

  1. I noticed the teeth first. But that’s not really surprising since eye tracking experiments show that we spend most of our time looking at faces over the rest of the picture.

    • I’ve heard that too. It’s probably got something to do with our primal instincts. We get the most information from someone by looking at their expressions because that’s how we can tell how they’re feeling or what they’re thinking. Animals do this too. And people are so good at doing this that we can sometimes even tell the difference between two identical twins and subtle emotional cues in people’s faces. However not even the newest computer these days can do those calculations as quickly as our minds can.

  2. I noticed the fingers in the first one before I noticed the stuff in the teeth, but the the other ones the teeth stood out, until reading the blurb on the end. Nice slight of hand effects. Most products we use are deisgned in this manner interestingly enough – to hid the flaws, although subliminal advertising is way more fun. To the list – not bad, although, number 8 does not always show-up high on the list for the “rich” or what I would rather call wealthy IMHO. Number 11 is my favourite – Cheers.

    • 11 is one of my faves too. I like the current compensation system at my job. I get paid an annual salary regardless of if I work 40 hrs or 50 hrs per week, though usually they give me at least 40 hours worth of work. The only that matters is that I finish the projects on time at a high quality level. If the company does well then next year I get a raise 😀 This keeps my interests directly in line with the rest of the business. This also makes for a more flexible schedule. If I finish early then I can leave early. It gives incentive for workers to be productive instead of counting the minutes for their shift to end.

  3. I’ve also observed that rich people also don’t try to beat other people around them in the net worth game, or focus on money as the end goal. They care about it, but it’s their own personal motivation that drives them, not having $1M in the bank.

    They focus on their own situation rather than others.

    Being rich is also relative. I feel rather rich just because I’m quite happy with what I already have and what I’ve accomplished, but others may think: you don’t have a million, so you can’t be rich!

    • Yup, it’s all relative. There are many people reading this are richer than me in terms of both net worth and income. But when compared to most people in their 20s my finances don’t look so bad.

  4. First I noticed the floss in the upper right hand corner, which made me look at the teeth =)
    Nice ad campaign, though.

  5. point taken from the teeth thing. although i still wont’ floss my teeth. Sorry colgate.

    • Lot’s of people don’t floss. Apparently Colgate has a lot of happy and loyal customers though. Their stock is up 25% in the last year 😀 Wish I had bought some last year :( Of course they also make toothpaste and other oral hygiene products.

  6. Colgate is a great stock I own. However, teeth health should be an important item for the future and toothpaste and teeth tools are low budget products. Emerging markets should boost sales of CL. Let’s hope that Warren Buffett will not buy the company. Good investments getting rare.

    • Yeah it’s a great company and only more people are going to be brushing/flossing in the future. I think the stock is fully valued at 18 times forward earnings now, but I like the 2% dividend :0) Maybe I’ll buy some CL stocks too once I do some more research on them.

  7. I just noticed the teeth too. I like reading about the habits of the rich, or interviews of successful people, it always go beyond the money consideration.

  8. Oh man, I didn’t notice any of them. I was totally focused on their teeth. Damn, that’s a good ad campaign. And ya that list is pretty great. It just seems like most of them are staying positive, taking risks, and believing instead of dreaming your goals coming true.

  9. Nice list.

    I’m not surprised by the ad campaign — any human being that doesn’t have autism will always look at the faces first =\

  10. The left over food looks more like bad or missing teeth.

    I think it is best to start thinking rich and act accordingly. There is a great deal that can be accomplished by being positive and changing your habits.

    • It’s important to form those good habits earlier than later. One of my personal resolutions for this year is to eat healthier and exercise more. I’ve slipped up a few times, but so far in the last 2 months I’ve gained some muscle mass and lost weight overall at the same time, so just have to keep a positive mindset :)

  11. Love it, so true! And rich people buy assets, poor people buy liabilities they think are assets!!

  12. I love the first two ads but I still maintain that the third picture just looks like the guy’s turned his head so that his ear can’t be seen. Oh well

  13. Interesting campaign. I saw the colgate logo then immediately looked at the teeth. As for thinking like the rich, I guess I’m thinking most of the right things. Coming from a family without a lot of money I’ve sort of had to train myself in some of the bullets. I tend to think one or the other, not both. So it’s been a process of re-training myself to think I can have the best of both worlds so to speak.

    • Young people like us have the benefit of time on our side. I’ve only recently started to adopt some of these points and have only seen incremental changes to my financial situation. Things will only get better :0)

  14. Eeew!! Those extra fingers are just freaky :)

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