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Don’t Let Debt Make You Sick

The Effects of Debt on Your Health According to a Globe and Mail article I recently read, people have gotten sick and depressed thinking about their debts. “Researchers and health professionals are making the case for treating personal debt as a public health problem.” Oh no. 🙁 Dr. Donna Ferguson, a psychologist in Toronto says, “I think that it’s a major crisis.… Read More »

Why I Will Never be Free from Debt

Staying in Debt Forever Sometimes I get asked if I will ever be debt free. Unfortunately I don’t have a good answer for this question. In my previous post earlier this week I discussed the debt spectrum, which describes debt as a financial state along a sempiternal line. This line stretches out in both directions and has no ends in sight because it’s hard… Read More »

How the Debt Spectrum Works

A Philosophy on Debt Many people have this oversimplified, binary view on debt which suggests you either have debt, or you don’t. But the world of debt isn’t black and white. Much like women’s erotic fantasies, debt tends to operate in many Shades of Grey. 😀 However instead of only 50 shades, the debt spectrum covers an infinite span of possibilities!… Read More »

Alternative Views on Debt and Wealth

“The more debt I have the richer I get”  It’s easy for the Irish to build wealth, because their capital is always Dublin. But the rest of us have to find others ways to grow our net worth. I recently listened to an episode of Palisade Radio, where the host, Collin Kettell, interviewed Robert Kiyosaki, an American investor and the author behind the… Read More »

The Advantages of Inflation

The Advantages of Inflation Today I want to share one of my biggest secrets to success. I will explain how I generate $5,000 of value a year in passive wealth creation using my mortgage and other loans. It’s automatic, hassle free, hidden from my friends and the government, and is completely legitimate. 🙂 The Destroyer of Credit Everyone knows that inflation drives up the cost of… Read More »