Monthly Archives: May 2015

Foreign Investment in Canadian Real Estate

Not in my Backyard  I recently read an article about a lower mainland couple who doesn’t like how a neighbouring $2 million house sits empty all the time. The yard is unkempt, there are no cars in the driveway and the lack of human presence is “driving [the couple] slightly bananas.” Sacré bleu! You mean to tell me that there… Read More »

Succumbing to Lifestyle Inflation

Some folks believe earning a higher income is a valid excuse to submit to lifestyle inflation. But I don’t think lifestyle should necessarily be tied to active income because job security is a fickle pickle. However with a strong framework of growing passive income, a little lifestyle inflation is not only acceptable, but I would even recommend it because YOLO.… Read More »

Fiscal Update – Apr 2015 – Net Worth Jumps $45,600

April has turned out to be one of the best months of the year so far. 😀 -Stock markets climbed roughly 2% in Canada and the U.S. (27% annualized return) -The bond market is paying higher interest rates. Great for new fixed income investors. 🙂 -Real estate market continues to stand strong. What bubble? 😛 -Canadian dollar strengthens against other… Read More »