Monthly Archives: February 2011

Email Mistakes

By | 02/25/2011

Found on Yahoo finance some common work email mistakes that people make… 1. Sending before you mean to. 2. Forgetting the attachment. 3. Expecting an instant response. 4. Forwarding useless e-mails. 5. Not reviewing all new messages before replying.  6. Omitting recipients when you “reply all.” 7. Including your e-mail signature again and again. 8. Composing the note… Read More »

Better Saving Vehicle

By | 02/20/2011

Which would be the better place to invest in first, TFSA (Roth IRA equivalent) or RRSP? (401k plan equivalent.) According to one study by Caligiuri Financial Group, it depends on your present and future income tax rates. In each of the 3 scenarios below, someone invests $5000 pre-tax income in an RRSP and the equivalent after-tax amount to… Read More »

How Important is Class?

By | 02/14/2011

The 4 main ways to judge someone’s class in society: Occupation, Education, Income, and Wealth.Luckily there is a little graph from the NYTimes that will tell you which class you belong to and how well you are doing compared to the rest of your peers. My average says I’m in the 62nd Percentile. Hey, that means i’m… Read More »

Free Breakfast at McDonald’s

By | 02/08/2011

McDonald’s is promoting it’s relatively new Breakfast Buttermilk Biscuit Sandwiches by offering them for free, one per customer, on Feb 9th, which is tomorrow, and Feb 10th. Don’t miss this 2 day free deal. Only available during breakfast hours. Phone your local McDonald’s before hand to make sure they are participating in this event. —————————– On a side… Read More »

Contribution Deadline

By | 02/03/2011

It’s RRSP season here in Canada. They work generally the same way as a 401K plan in the U.S. and is a great retirement vehicle for many. But it’s not for everyone. One argument for putting money into an RRSP is that your investments can grow tax free. But if you’re like me and only hold growth stocks in… Read More »