May 272014

Life is short so it’s important to take periodic breaks from our busy lives, sit back, and enjoy the present moment 🙂 Listening to music is a great way to unwind. Here’s some ambient background music composed by David Wise of RARE/Nintendo fame. Enjoy!

Studies have shown that people who are more giving also live happier lives! Money shouldn’t be a means to an end. But it can help us to live in the moment and give our lives more meaning. Perhaps the most meaningful life is one that’s shared with others 🙂

Warning: Incoming feels. Keep a spare tissue handy.

When 26 year old maintenance inspector, Chris Price, was told he had terminal lung and liver cancer and didn’t have long to live, he decided to dedicate the remaining time he had left to make all his girlfriend’s dreams come true. He proposed to her (Ceri) and they were wed last August, with Ceri’s four children as the guests of honour 🙂



Soon after, Chris surprised his new wife and his stepchildren with a trip to Disneyland in Paris.


He even flew with Ceri to New York for a romantic weekend of sightseeing and shopping. He bought her a pair of boots for $800, and a $1,500 handbag.

He knew I had fancied a pair of Louboutin boots but they were way too expensive for me to ever afford them. But Chris bought them for me and got me an even more expensive Mulberry handbag.” ~Ceri

As a final gesture of endearment Chris booked a Las Vegas getaway for Ceri’s birthday.

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Oct 312013

The trailer for the new X-Men movie came out earlier this week 🙂 I like how Marvel is using existing brands and characters to create fresh and interesting blockbuster films like with the latest X-Men and Avengers series. It’s part of the reason why I invested in Marvel’s parent company Disney in the first quarter of this year 🙂 Anyone else own DIS? The stock is up over 30% year to date beating the market 😀 I certainly got lucky with this stock. Or maybe I’m just psychic and have a fifth sense. It’s like I have ESPN or something 😕 In November I plan to buy some new stocks like maybe IBM, CSCO, QCOM, or perhaps even TWTR???  (゜o゜)  #YOLO

October has been amazing for my finances, mostly due to dumb luck like the stock market rally. Both the S&P/TSX Composite and the S&P 500 increased over 4% this month, and my non-registered portfolio which holds roughly $120K of stocks went along for the ride and increased by more than $5,000!

If that wasn’t awesome enough I also received rent this month from my farm tenant. I used most of this rent money to finally pay off my $4,000+ of credit card debt, Yarrr!


With over $5,000 of rental income, plus another $5,000 gain from stocks, my investments alone have contributed over $10,000 to my net worth this month. Ooh la la 😯 Where’s the fire extinguisher because my net worth is on fire 😎

Even if I had spent 100% of my work income, and effectively lived paycheck-to-paycheck, I would still be $10,000 richer this month. I began my career in 2008 and I’m completely flabbergasted at what consistently investing in a diversified portfolio can accomplish in just 5 short years. This is what happens when we go into debt in the short term to build a more prosperous future for the long term 😀

*Side Income:

  • Part-Time Work = $500chart_oct13
  • Dividends = $500
*Discretionary Spending:

*Net Worth: (MoM)

  • Assets: = $574,800 total (+7300)
  • Cash = $6300 (+700)
  • Stocks CDN =$77,700 (+2600)
  • Stocks US = $43,400 (+2600)
  • RRSP = $32,900 (+1400)
  • Home = $252,000 (same)
  • Farm 1 = $152,500 (same)
  • Farm 2 deposit = $17,300 (same)
  • Debts: = $379,100 total (-4300
  • Mortgage = $201,100 (-300)
  • Farm 1 Loan = $109,500 (-200)
  • Margin Loan CDN = $26,100 (Same)
  • Margin Loan US = $23,500 (+500)
  • TD Line of Credit = $18,900  (-100)
  • Credit Card = $0 (-$4200)

*Total Net Worth = $203,000 (+6.1%)
All numbers above are in CAD. Conversion rate used: 1.00 USD = 1.04 CAD

The bulk of my savings and capital now come from investment earnings like rent and stock appreciation, and not from my job anymore. If there’s such a thing as the “investor class” I believe I’m now in it  (^_^)

This is starting to get ri-doo-doo-diculous (>.<) I feel kind of guilty because I work with brilliant people who are smarter, more responsible, more experienced, and make a higher income than I do, which they should. I think they deserve the high investment returns more than me, but I don’t think all of them received a windfall like I did this month due to their past circumstances and financial decisions 🙁 I wish everyone was more financially literate.

Going from $0 to my first $100K in net worth took 3 years to accomplish. But getting from $100K to breaking the $200K barrier today took only 2 years roughly (●^o^●)Maybe I can get to $300,000 in just another 1.5 years! The more we already have invested, the more profits we should make. I have 75% more assets today than 2 years ago. So it’s easy to understand why my wealth is growing exponentially, especially in this current bull market 🙂 By making smart investment decisions we don’t have to rely on some miracle wage increase at work to still achieve our financial goals. There are always ways to accumulate assets despite the circumstances. The graph below was first introduced earlier this year.

13_07_multiple_incomesMy Ontario friend, Mandy, just reached $300K in net worth for the first time this month and she’s not that much older than me. Congrats to her! Let’s all continue to make great investments folks! :0)