Feb 122013

Time to learn about each other 😀 Late last year I put up a poll on the site to survey how much total income people make. Thanks to everyone who voted (^_^) Here are the results below.

reader's total income

This means over half of you make more than $80,000 a year! The median income for the group is somewhere in the high 5 digits range.  And the mode income (choice that appears most often)  is over $100,000. Wow, I’m pleasantly surprised at how financially well off most of you are 😀 This blog has visitors are from all over the world but most of you are from Canada so just for fun, here’s how much the typical Canadian made in 2010.  income statscan poll resultsHuge difference! Only 27% of the general population made over $50,000 a year, meanwhile a whopping 76% of my wonderful readers are making over $50,000. Nice job ladies and gents :0) Using the information we’ve looked at so far we can put together a comparison chart like the one below.income poll compare reader's total incomeAs mentioned earlier, most of you make more than $80K a year. Since my own total income isn’t even close to $80K yet what this poll reveals is that most of my readers are apparently making more than I am, haha. That’s quite a humbling realization. It means you guys probably have a better understanding of how to become rich than I do because so many of you are already living the good life  😉 The people who took the poll probably also comments on this blog. So read the comments and you’ll probably learn a lot from them :0)

total incomeThere are many successful and intelligent individuals who come here and have interesting things to say. For example Phil from Ontario who retired early and is quite well read would sometimes comment and offer book suggestions for further reading on a specific topic. Mrs. PoP from Florida has an impressive net worth and sometimes offer good advice about real estate investments. I’ve personally learned a lot by simply reading other people’s comments, and so can you 😀 I don’t have all the answers to life’s financial problems or the best investment ideas, but thanks to all the great commentators who took the time to give their opinions I’m sure we can have some interesting discussions ^_^ I normally don’t censor anything unless it’s spam.

Limitations and improvement ideas:
-The income spectrum I used was too narrow >_< In future polls it would be more helpful to include higher income ranges such as $100,000 to $150,000 and $150,000 to $250,000.
-I forgot to mention “personal” in the poll. I was only looking for individual incomes, not for family or households. This was not very clear so next time I will be more specific with my question.