Aug 282013

What is Stealth Wealth?

Stealth wealth is defined by being rich but not letting the world know about it. This financial strategy is how most millionaires are able to blend into society. Keeping our wealth a secret allows us to enjoy work, travel, play, and financial security without attracting unwanted attention to ourselves. So stealth wealth, is good wealth 😎

Obtaining financial security for ourselves without everyone else knowing about it can save us lot of stress and problems that sometimes comes with wealth. So the lesson today is don’t tell anyone if you win the lottery or become a millionaire 😉 This is one of the reasons I blog anonymously. None of my co-workers know the size of my stock portfolio, or how much I’m invested in precious metals. If they did, they would probably ask me for investment advice, which I’m not professionally authorized to give. Unrealistic high expectations often lead to disappointment which would be detrimental to my relationships. 😕

For example, I can give them sound, generic advice like pay yourself first, and don’t put all your eggs into one basket. But they’ll think I’m a snob who doesn’t want to share my “real secrets.” I could give them specific advice like to buy real estate, or Disney stocks and Starbucks stocks because I’m invested in these companies myself and have seen some great returns so far. But if the market goes down then they’re going to blame me for losing their money. Nothing good usually comes about when people find out you have money.


Yes, it can be difficult for some people to restrict the urge to tell their friends and family when they come into a great deal of money. But one question everyone should ask themselves before posting their financial situation on Facebook is “Do I really want the extra attention that this will get me?” If the answer is no, then it’s probably better to keep quiet about the money. 😕

I recently read about Bloomberg’s uncovering of wealthy people in the US who are not very well known. One of these people is a billionaire who works in the food business. This person is my new role model. He practices being stealthy with his wealth. He doesn’t let his ego or pride get to him and he gives anonymously to charities. 😀 Continue reading »