Feb 142014

Happy Valentine’s day everyone :). If you’re single like me here’s a frugal idea to get yourself a hot date 😉


I don’t know if you can put a price on love 😉 But according to a recent study by ratesupermarket.ca, the cost of dating someone and then getting married costs on average $44,000 😕

Here’s the breakdown:

One Year of Dating – $7000
Engagement Ring – $3500
Engagement Party – $2000
Another Year of Dates During Engagement Period – $4500
Wedding – $27,000

Total cost of love = $44,000 😀 Wow. Much love. So romance. Very Valentine’s. Wow 😐

The study is a bit tongue and cheek, but it highlights the importance of money and budget awareness in a relationship 🙂 How much love will actually cost depends on each couple. $27K for a wedding is still relatively cheap since the average wedding in Canada was over $32K in 2013 😕

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