Jan 142013

The United States has a strategic petroleum reserve maintained by the US Department of Energy. It contains millions of liters of oil in order to prevent an oil shortage during unstable times. We don’t have such a thing in Canada 🙁 but we do have something called a strategic maple syrup reserve :D, managed by the maple syrup federation of Quebec, who else. Our reserve which contains millions of liters of maple syrup ensures the industry has enough supply to meet demand during a year of low maple syrup production. According to the federation, Quebec produces about 71% of the world’s maple syrup supply. Don’t mess with Canada. We’ll sweeten you to death 😛

It might seem like a sappy thing to have, but our maple syrup reserve is serious business. A barrel of oil is only worth $100 now. But a barrel of maple syrup is worth $1,800. This sticky stuff is like liquid gold :0)  And with about 10,000 people employed in the maple syrup industry, it’s an important part of our economy.

13_01_maple_syrupBut between August 2011 and July 2012, thieves made off with 9,600 barrels of maple syrup valued at $18 million, from a warehouse belonging to the maple syrup federation. The security people doing routine checks of the warehouses must have been real saps. How could it take them so long to realize they were being pilfered. Once the news got out, more than 40 search warrants were executed in New Brunswick, Ontario and in the United States. Thankfully the police managed to catch a handful of the sticky fingered culprits and recover most of the stolen maple syrup 🙂 So far 18 people have been arrested. One of them used to be a financial adviser. Maybe he should have just stuck to his day job (^_-) I hope the charges of theft and fraud will stick for these criminals because that’s what they deserve for trying to steal our national treasure ಠ益ಠ

But some of the stolen goods may have already made it onto the streets. I you see any sketchy guys in long coats hustling maple syrup, make sure you report it to the maple syrup of federation of Quebec 😉