Oct 172013

Jeane Napoles is in her twenties. She is a keen investor in real estate and bought her first condo when she was 21, the same age as when I bought mine. And last year she bought herself a farm in Bayambang. She even has her own blog where she writes about her life experiences. Ms. Napoles appears to be the girl version of me 🙂 I hope we can meet each other some day and have a conversation about our investments and goals 😀


The only difference between us is she’s very open about her personal life on her blog whereas I don’t share as much on mine. Discretion is not her strongest characteristic. She seems to be your average girl who likes to hang out with friends, go clubbing, and enjoys traveling. And like other girls she sometimes has trouble deciding what to wear, especially when she’s going to the Grammy’s. Yes! She’s well connected too. Good for her 😀

Unfortunately the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) which is the IRS or CRA of the Philippines is after her for tax evasion. Uh oh. If it can happen to her, maybe it can happen to me as well (>_<) The BIR commissioner wants to know where Ms. Napoles got the money from to buy her condo. I forgot to mention earlier in this article that the condo she bought is one of the highly coveted residences at the Ritz-Carlton luxury hotel, in Los Angeles, CA, where each unit is worth about $1,300,000 😯

ritz carlton residences discretion

But the story gets worse because her mother, Janet, is allegedly the woman behind a $220 million dollar government scandal. The public funds she was entrusted with was meant for an assistance program that funds public roads, and benefit low income families. But instead all that money that the Filipino citizens worked hard for went into personal bank accounts, real estate, her daughter’s spending sprees, and more. A little discretion could have done her well. But now Janet faces the possibility of going to jail.

Meanwhile the BIR has hit young Jeane with a tax bill of $750,000 inclusive of surcharges and fees for taxable years 2011 and 2012. Great googalee moogalee! 😯 First she finds out her mother might be incarcerated, and now she’s served with this gigantic tax bill. Those greedy government bureaucrats eh 😛 Why can’t they just leave the hardworking citizens alone? What kind of draconian world do we live in when the tax authorities can become suspicious of an unobjectionable girl like Ms. Napoles just because she has a Porsche Cayenne, a Porsche Boxter, fancy jewelry, real estate properties, expensive watches, clothing, and shoes. I mean can’t the poor girl just catch a break 😛

Tip of the day: Use discretion online and in public.

Don’t reveal your financial situation on the internet, especially if you or your family is involved with tax payer’s money. But if you are going to flaunt your lavish lifestyle for other people to see, create an online pseudonym and post anonymously.

Random Useless Fact: How to make your cat look expensive

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