Apr 202012

It’s been a pretty busy week for people here in the Greater Vancouver area. Hockey playoffs, teachers taking job action, elections, and 4/20. I feel like the week went by way too fast. To unwind for the weekend here are some innovative ideas to save either time or money, or otherwise make our hectic lives a little more simple and manageable.

simple life hacks

image source: 9gag.com

 The wooden spoon suggestion works perfectly. I made soup yesterday and tried it out. The bubbles didn’t even build up high enough to touch my spoon. Why did I not know about this before (-_-‘) I’m not sure about the elevator trick though. I’ve only tried it a couple of times in my apartment and it appeared to have worked but I don’t know if that was just coincidence in both cases, lol. Feel free to share any quirky or interesting ideas you may have.