Jun 292013

If you want a unique smartphone that will stand out you may want to take a look at the diamond encrusted BlackBerry Q10 smartphone. It is made from 18 karat white gold and covered with over 700 diamonds (about 4.7 carats) of VVS1 clearity.Β Only 25 of these are made so they’re quite exclusive (^_-)


The only downside is the price. One of these phones will set you back $31,000 USD, or for the price of a new Subaru WRX. Personally this is a little out of my price range but I’m sure there’s a market for it. Other smartphones have been given the same treatment, also made by the same British designer, Alexander Amosu. I saw an iPhone on their website which is covered in even more diamonds and sells for over $100,000. Talk about ballin’ πŸ˜€ Just have to be extra careful not to lose that thing on the bus. Lol first world problems right πŸ™‚

But despite expensive SKUs Blackberry shares fell nearly 27% yesterday on poor earnings report πŸ™ The company lost $84 million in the latest quarter, and didn’t sell as many handheld units as many investors would have liked to see. Could this be the final straw to break the camel’s back? $BB stocks have been in trouble for quite some time now. The only thing going for this company at the moment is they have billions of dollars in cash. Having lots of money is good if a company is profitable and they can continue to invest to grow their business, but Blackberry is bleeding out money every quarter. Eventually the money will run out if they don’t turn a profit again.

I bought 50 shares back in 2011 for about $25/share. I’m losing about 60% of my investment right now but I plan to stay long and will wait to see what happens. Β At least I’m diversified and own shares of other smartphone companies as well.

Random Useless Fact:Β Here are 8 facts about you.

Fact 1: You’re reading this.
Fact 2: You can’t say the letter ‘m’ without touching your lips.
Fact 3: You just tried to do it.
Fact 4: You’re smiling.
Fact 6: You’re smiling or laughing again.
Fact 7: You didn’t notice Fact 5 was missing.
Fact 8: You just checked it.

Mar 302013

Happy Easter folks πŸ˜€ It’s one of my favorite holidays because every year my boss would hide Easter eggs around the office for everyone else to find. I found 2 this year :0)

Cost of Education
13_03_tuitionSo many of my friends both in real life and on the internet are either having, or talking about having children. I don’t see myself having kids for at least another 5 to 10 years, if at all, lol. But a big factor in making big life decisions is money. According to a new study by the Canadian bank BMO, kids born in 2013 could pay $140,000, which includes tuition, food, and housing costs for a 4 year university degree. While inflation was only 1.3% in 2012, tuition fees increased 4.3%. I work part time at a local college and just got a 4% raise last year. So now I know where that extra money came from (^_-) Now I’m torn. I don’t want education to be so expensive, but at the same time I don’t mind getting raises. In any case, to make the best out of the situation I’ve been saving all my raises from my school job and putting them into an educational fund for my possible future children πŸ˜€

Back in the Black (Berry)
ht_blackberry_z10_q10__ll_130130_wgBlackberry, which used to be called Research in Motion, made a small 94 million profit on $2.7 billion in sales in their recent quarter. Not bad considering they were losing money last year. Their new z10 phones are doing better than expected. I’m waiting to see how the Q10 will
be received by consumers later this year because that’s the one with the physical qwerty keyboard πŸ™‚ I bought some Blackberry stocks last year around $25/share. Needless to say the company has not done well since then trading at just $15/share now, but maybe they could make a come back. Putting all my eggs in one basket is risky, so that’s why I have Apple and Google stocks as well, the other players in the smartphone market πŸ˜€

Blog roundup – Personal finance and other interesting articles from around the web
MyfijourneyΒ evaluates Microsoft stock. I’ve been looking at buying some MSFT too
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Jan 192013

Blackberry maker Research in Motion is doing really well this year :0) The cell phone maker’s stock price has gone up more than 100% since just half a year ago. Many people thought RIM was dead but investors are taking a second look now. As one of Canada’s most iconic tech companies I really hope they can make a come back. We sell a lot of resources in this country but it would be great to improve the number of knowledge jobs as well. RIM plans to releaseΒ its new product the BlackBerry 10 later this month. Will it be a successful launch or a big flop? Who knows. Disclaimer: I have 50 RIM shares myself.

NHL is back on
After a long lock out, the season finally gets started today. This is great news for sports bars and helps to stimulate the local economy. Go Canucks πŸ˜€

Resource Conferences
Gold metal oreCambridge House International will be hosting a number of investment conferences throughout the US and Canada. Β Most of their events are free like the oneΒ I’m going to in Vancouver tomorrow. Last year more than 500 companies and a number of analysts gathered here to network and share ideas. They have another event held at the Telus Convention Centre in Calgary later this year. If you live in a city where they will come to I recommend going to these conferences. You will learn a lot about investing πŸ˜€

Random Useless Fact:Β You can save money by not buying new calendars every year. For example in 2013 you can re-use calendars from 2002, 1991, 1985, 1974, 1963, or 1957.