Apr 162012

In the beginning of the month I decided to streamline my expenses and set out to spend at least 25 days this April without expending any money from my wallet, bank, credit card, or participate in any other way the exchanging of my money for goods or services. Half way through the challenge now so I just wanted to post a quick update.

This is my first time tracking my no spend days, and so far so good, I’ve spent 12 out of the last 15 days without spending a penny. I don’t drink coffee so I think that makes things easier from the start. I don’t go out much either, so that is another helpful excuse to not spend (stay at home.)

image source: spongebobtumblrpants.tumblr.com

Unfortunately there has been an unexpected surprise. My strata company (or HOA equivalent) decided to paint the exterior of the condo which resulted in a special levy for every unit owner, such as myself. I have until next month but I paid now since I have the money available, and wanted to get it over with. It’s not so bad though considering how expensive levies can become. I bought this condo in 2009 knowing it’s over 30 years old, so something like this was expected to happen sooner or later (-_-‘)

Overall this no spend challenge hasn’t really affected me in any big way. My social life is taking a back seat for the moment but I explained what I’m doing to my friends and they understand it’s only temporary. I filled up my car late March so I shouldn’t have to get gas again until May (that’s one benefit of living close to work.) I also have lots of food left over from last month. The only thing I’ve run out of now is fresh fruit and veggies, but I still have some frozen carrots and potatoes, plus tons of other food in the freezer. The company I work for also has a basket of fruit in the kitchen (^_^) Today I took a kiwi and an orange. I also have uncooked oatmeal, pasta, canned mushrooms, and other goodies with long shelf lives, so I can easily go without grocery shopping for another 2 weeks.

Once April is over I will show a more detailed breakdown of my spending for this month.

[Edit] Here is the final conclusion and review of this challenge [/edit]

Random Useless Fact: According to Amazon.com‘s web traffic analyzing subsidiary, Alexa Internet, Inc. my freedom 35 blog appears to be very popular among young women in my age group. They also seem to have respectable social economic statuses. Here’s an excerpt below.

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Source: www.alexa.com