Feb 252011

Found on Yahoo finance some common work email mistakes that people make…

1. Sending before you mean to.

2. Forgetting the attachment.

3. Expecting an instant response.

4. Forwarding useless e-mails.

5. Not reviewing all new messages before replying. 

6. Omitting recipients when you “reply all.”

7. Including your e-mail signature again and again.

8. Composing the note too quickly.

9. Violating your company’s e-mail policy. 

10. Failing to include basic greetings. 

I think most people who work have done at least one thing on that list.  Forgetting the attachment is something I’m guilty of. Something fun people do around my office, sort of facetiously, is we have a reply-all trophy that gets passed around to whoever accidentally replies all to the entire studio.

Feb 202011

Which would be the better place to invest in first, TFSA (Roth IRA equivalent) or RRSP? (401k plan equivalent.) According to one study by Caligiuri Financial Group, it depends on your present and future income tax rates. In each of the 3 scenarios below, someone invests $5000 pre-tax income in an RRSP and the equivalent after-tax amount to a TFSA. Growth assumes a 7% annual rate of return for 20 years. (click image to enlarge)

It’s difficult to predict what someone’s tax bracket will be 20 years from now, plus there are other many factors to consider. I put money in both every year, but I always try to max out my TFSA first because I have a feeling taxes will rise in the future to support a global aging population. 
Feb 142011

The 4 main ways to judge someone’s class in society: Occupation, Education, Income, and Wealth.
Luckily there is a little graph from the NYTimes that will tell you which class you belong to and how well you are doing compared to the rest of your peers.


My average says I’m in the 62nd Percentile. Hey, that means i’m upper middle class! At least according to this dated chart. Funny, I feel like I’m more in the lower middle class considering how much of a hotbed for rich immigrants Vancouver has become.

Of course, the chart is by no means an exact representation of real social economic class, because there are too many factors not accounted for but it’s still fun to play around with, and you can compare your results with your friends. The different tabs near the top of the graph also reveal interesting demographic breakdowns. At the end of the day though, is class really that important? I think it is. It gives people confidence and opens up opportunities for them to live a more fulfilling life, financially, socially, and spiritually.

Feb 112011

Here is one way I like to save money without doing any extra work. This may not be suitable for everyone depending on their views towards personal hygiene. Like a lot of people, I like to wash my hands after I’ve been out for most of the day. So after a meal at home, usually dinner, I leave the dirty dishes in the sink. When I come home from work the next day I wash those dishes right away. When the dishes are clean, so are my hands. So I don’t have to then go use the washroom sink to wash my hands separately with hand soap.

Estimated annual time saved on hand washing? 2.5 Hours
Estimated annual savings on hand soap? $3.00
Not much, but the money will add up over the years if you invest it and take advantage of compounding growth.

Feb 082011

McDonald’s is promoting it’s relatively new Breakfast Buttermilk Biscuit Sandwiches by offering them for free, one per customer, on Feb 9th, which is tomorrow, and Feb 10th.

Don’t miss this 2 day free deal. Only available during breakfast hours. Phone your local McDonald’s before hand to make sure they are participating in this event.


On a side note. I bought 40 shares of McDonald’s today. I hold them in my RRSP so the 3.2% dividend will not face any US withholding tax. Was this a good buy? Only time will tell.