Jan 312011
Net Worth:
  • Assets:
  • Cash = $7,000 (-3000)
  • Stocks = $34,500 (+2000 )
  • Home  = $243,000 (+6000 )
  • Liabilities:
  • Mortgage = $212,000 (-300 )
  • Others = $0 (-4,000 )

Total Net Worth = $72,500* ( +15.26% MoM)

Huge increase to personal worth this month because I adjusted my home’s price based on last year’s inflation rate. Stock market also did really well this month. Paid off the line of credit by selling some mutual funds.

Better late than never, but here are my financial goals for 2011.
-Reach a net worth of $100,000
-Make 10% more net income from primary work than last year
-Reach $50,000 in market value from all investable assets like stocks.

* Rounded to the nearest $100.

Jan 272011

Yes, we all know this. Canadian’s debt to income ratio is roughly 148%, higher than Americans by now. But stats are more interesting when presented on a graph. Notice in 1998 our countries were at the same level, but quickly separated. I wonder if that will be the case again this time.HouseholdIndebtedness

Personally I’m over the 400% mark so people like me are probably skewing the average a bit. Fortunately my mortgage rate is locked in until 2013, but I should probably still keep a close eye on my other debts.

Jan 242011

When the new sales tax was introduced last year in Vancouver, (they call it the HST), everyone who worked at restaurants complained about how the HST will negatively impact the food services industry because it will make eating out less affordable. But based on anecdotal evidence, all my friends who used to eat out before the HST, still eat out today, at the same restaurants, just as frequently. And I haven’t heard about any major restaurant layoffs or anything in BC. Sometimes I think the HST is actually beneficial for restaurant employees.

Imagine you are a waiter/waitress expecting a 15% tip from your table. Before the HST a $100 meal means a $15 tip. But after the new tax was implemented, every restaurant bill just became 7% more expensive for customers, bumping up that same meal mentioned earlier to $107. Which means you get 7% more tips! It’s like an automatic wage increase. (assuming most customers stay consistent with their tipping rate and tip on the after tax amount.)  Then again, I’m making a lot of assumptions and not basing anything on scientific studies. Nevertheless, maybe the HST isn’t as bad for restaurants as people thought it would originally be.

Jan 202011

I recently found this list of recommendations to make everyday living more meaningful. I will try to incorporate them into my life. 🙂

-Memorize something everyday.
-Develop an endless curiosity about this world.
-Don’t take life so seriously!
-Think positive thoughts.
-Sleep less.
-Figure out what your goals and dreams are.
-Learn to be unaffected by the words of others.
-Develop the ability to forgive.
-Do what you love.
-Don’t burn bridges.

Jan 172011

American retail chain “Target” is moving some of its business into Canada. It plans to take over more than 200 Zellers stores. This is great news for many reasons.

Zellers’ parent company, HBC, will make a hefty profit from selling their Zellers business
Canadian REITs, like RioCan and Calloway, (who own these buildings) will benefit from having a bigger retailer as their tenant because it increases their land’s value.
Target plans to invest more than a billion dollars on renovations once it acquires the stores which will create jobs in Canada.
Target sells just about everything which will create competition for Loblaw (Superstore, etc), Wal-mart, and all other major retailers which will make businesses more competitive and prices cheaper, (good for consumers.)

The first Target store in Canada wont open until 2012 probably, and the whole transition won’t be completed until 2014 most likely but this is great news. Looking forward to it.