Fiscal Update September 2018 – Increase of 0.5%

2018 is passing by quickly. We are already in the final quarter. 🙂 My stock portfolio’s value dropped a little in September. But I still managed to grow my net worth by half a percent for the month thanks to my multiple income streams. By January 2019 my goal is to have a net worth of $1 million. 🙂

A stock market dip in September is normal – perhaps even expected. Since 1896, when the Dow Jones Industrial Average was created, the Dow has lost an average of 1.03% in September. That compares to an average gain of 0.76% across all other months of the year. The funny thing is the Dow actually climbed higher this September. But it was the S&P/TSX Composite in Canada that dropped 1.8% lol.

Liquid’s Financial Update

*Sidel Incomes: = $2,800

  • Part time job = $600
  • Freelance = $300
  • Dividends = $900
  • Interest = $500
  • Solarshare payment = $500
*Discretionary Spending: = $1,700
  • Food = $300
  • Miscellaneous = $500
  • Additional Interest = $900

*Net Worth: (ΔMoM)

  • Assets: = $1,240,100 total (+1,500)
  • Cash = $12,800 (+1600)
  • Canadian stocks = $176,800 (-1000)
  • U.S. stocks = $126,900 (+900)
  • U.K. stocks = $21,600 (unch)
  • Retirement = $115,300 (-500)
  • Mortgage Funds = $34,100 (+200)
  • P2P Lending = $32,600 (+300)
  • Home = $275,000
  • Farms = $445,000
  • Debts: = $423,700 total (-2,700)
  • Mortgage = $191,200 (-400)
  • Farm Loans = $181,500 (-400)
  • Margin Loans = $49,500 (-400)
  • CIBC Line of Credit = $1,500 (-1500)

*Total Net Worth = $816,400 (+$4,200 / +0.5%)
All numbers are in $CDN. 

Inflation in Canada is picking up. We are at roughly 3% this year compared to 2% in 2017. Higher inflation will have a positive impact on real estate prices. I’m thinking about buying another property either next year or in 2020. Home prices will likely continue to increase in Vancouver and Toronto, at least in the long run. So getting more real estate now is probably a good idea.

Due to the nature of my new job I will not disclose my annual salary from now on. I was able to negotiate a relatively high salary for myself, about 20% more than my previous employer which shut down recently. Lest any of my coworkers stumble upon this blog I don’t want them to know how much our company is paying me. But I’ll continue to share all other sources of income such as from investments and freelance graphic design. 🙂



Random Useless Fact:

The hospital you were born in is the only building you leave without entering.


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10/02/2018 12:08 pm

Good thing you jumped ship before it sank! I found a spelling error in your blog. Do you include the fair market value for your Condo and Farm Lands? You’re probably higher than what you’re stating now. I finally hit $700k net worth!

10/03/2018 7:01 am

Can I ask how you plan on getting to $1mil NW within 3 – 4 months?
That’s a ~$180k jump from where you are currently.

Financial Orchid
Financial Orchid
10/04/2018 12:30 pm

13 years was a good run. Not good for the small community when the city is already so small and people are so leveraged in real estate. Congrats on the big salary bump! Every bit helps!
Did you try testing the farm’s sale ability?

John R
John R
10/08/2018 7:31 am

Hi Liquid, haven’t posted to your blog for a while.

I enjoy reading your very clean, easy to understand & follow format, it’s very good.

From your updates I see your debt over time is reducing nicely, is there any reason why you would not keep or maintain a debt/leverage with your margin loans, LOC or HELOC (instead of reducing them, even though interest rates are rising) providing of course your investments are providing you with positive returns & growth?

On the recent update, a question on the ‘solarshare’ investment – has there been any issues or hiccups with this? Any update if you wouldn’t mind sharing, as to what are the percentage returns yielding?

all the best