Nov 282012

See if you can you figure this one out (^_-) It’s a variation of the old missing dollar riddle.

Three bankers walk into a restaurant and order some curly fries and soft drinks. Their total bill comes to $25. They decide to share the bill and each person pulls out $10. So the waiter takes the $30 and goes to get change. So far so good 😀 When the waiter returns with the $5 change the bankers realize they can’t split $5 evenly between the three of them, so they decide to each take $1 and give the remaining $2 to the waiter as a tip 🙂

Since each banker has been given back $1, essentially they each paid $9 for their meal, bringing the total to $27 for all three. The waiter has $2 as a tip. If the bankers initially handed over $30, why is there only $29 accounted for? What happened to the missing dollar? ಠ_ರೃ

dog confused about the missing dollar riddle

Can you figure out this brain teaser? No cheating now (^_^)