Dec 082014

The Divorce Capital of the World

To most girls, the word “wedding” will have a nice ring to it. ūüėÄ But marriage can be difficult and it doesn’t always last a lifetime. Divorce can often go off without a hitch for some. But for others, it can get¬†quite messy, especially if there’s a lot of money involved. London, England appears to be the top destination for married couples looking to go their separate ways. It¬†is known as the “divorce capital” of the world due to its¬†court system’s “generosity to estranged¬†wives.”


Sir Chris Hohn is a hedge fund manager in London. Recently his wife, Jamie, decided to leave him and she¬†wanted to take half of their household assets with her because she believed their wealth¬†was created due to¬†their “partnership.” It was a bitter dispute, but in the end she was awarded¬†¬£337 million ($525,000,000 USD). This¬†enormous amount, granted by High Court judge Jennifer Roberts, was the largest ever seen in¬†London’s courts. This settlement dwarfs the previous¬†¬£220 million record, paid in 2011 by a rich Russian oligarch to his ex-wife, and further cements¬†London’s reputation as the best place to get a divorce for non-working spouses. ūüôā

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