Oct 192017

The following is a post by staff writer, Peter.

A million headlines have captured bitcoin’s dramatic climb in value and occasional price dips over the past 18 months, a period in which the cryptocurrency has escalated in value from under $500 USD to over $4,000 USD.

This constant onslaught of news has certainly made bitcoin a household name and put it on the tips of investors’ tongues around the globe.  All the commotion leaves many wondering if and when they should put their money into bitcoin as a long-term investment.

Hesitation on the part of investors to dive into bitcoin is understandable.  Cryptocurrency represents a quantum leap forward with how we perceive money as it upends centuries of government issued and regulated fiat currency.

It’s an exciting paradigm shift for bold, forward-thinking investors, but the same diligent consideration of stability and safeguards inherent in traditional investments can be taken when approaching bitcoin.

The sustained, upward trend of bitcoin’s appreciation and increasing availability as a payment method for goods and services should bolster investor confidence.  Bitcoin and blockchain banking are legitimate and here to stay.

Bitcoins provide an incredible investment opportunity for those looking to build their portfolios.  Many predict bitcoin will only continue to rise in popularity and value over the coming years.

Bitcoin’s secure method of removing middle parties that often take portions of funding during traditional financial transactions makes it attractive to investors desiring more control and profit out of their portfolio. Trading and exchanging bitcoin currency allows these investors to cut out the middleman and exchange money on a peer-to-peer basis.

Purchasing bitcoin now while the market is still growing may provide exponential growth in value as investors and consumers of the cryptocurrency surge.  It’s the old Economics 101 principle of supply and demand, and bitcoin has an eventual supply limit of 21 million bitcoins that will ever circulate.  Analysts project that 80% of that total will be mined by 2018.  As initial coin offerings (ICO) become more commonplace, so does demand.

But wading through the vast sea of bitcoin information on the internet and separating fact from fiction is a daunting task.  Investors want straightforward answers delivered in a timely manner.  They deserve a trusted partner who will help navigate the cryptocurrency  rapids while keeping their bitcoin investments secure and appreciating in value.

The needs of investors presents a unique challenge in how best to provide banking capability that offers the convenience and trust of traditional financial institutions combined with the protocol requirements, such as blockchain and smart contracts, for cryptocurrency.

The logistics of investing in bitcoin are made easy and effortless thanks to Bankera, which will offer the traditional style banking services customers love for cryptocurrencies.  It’s banking in the blockchain era with button click simplicity.

If you are looking to buy larger amounts of bitcoin, trade exchanges may be a better option for you when it comes to acquiring this currency. These sources offer smaller service fees allowing you to save money while you change over your funds. Similar to starting a new bank account, consumers are able to open accounts with these trade exchanges allowing change over funds conveniently as needed.

Overall, bitcoin provides an incredible investment option for any consumer or investor looking to grow and develop their investment portfolio. Providing the world with a decentralized form of currency exchange, bitcoins allow consumers to exchange funds without the hassle of third party organizations that ratchet up service fees and surcharges for their involvement transactions.

With an impressive track record of returns and a sunny forecast for appreciation, including bitcoin in your comprehensive financial strategy makes good sense. There may be no time like the present, and investing now is a great place to start if you’re looking to grow your portfolio in the coming months and years.

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