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Whether you’re living paycheck to paycheck or you have a decent income, any time you can save money you should. I find that when you’re raising a family, money seems to disappear just as quickly as it’s deposited into your checking account. So, I try as best I can to find neat ways to save daily. Some of these ideas are simple while others may require you to pick up a few new skills, but all of these suggestions below will take a load off your budget.

  1. Switch Energy Providers – Believe it or not, many people are still unaware that they have the power to choose who their energy supplier is. Thanks to deregulation in the energy market, companies like Amigo Energy (Houston) and other electricity companies in the US now offer competitive rates with the hopes of getting your business. Even saving a few cents per kilowatt hour could save you a few hundred on your energy bill.
  2. Eat Less Meat – If it’s your grocery bill that’s causing you an issue, you can save a few extra bucks by eating less meat. Meat is one of the most expensive parts of a meal. So even if you scale back to once or twice a week on meat, you’ll save. There are plenty of meatless recipes you can enjoy.
  3. Learn How to Cut Hair –  Haircuts might seem cheap independently, but if you add it up over the course of a month for your household, it might catch you by surprise. Learning how to use the clippers can save you a lot of money (and could even earn you a few extra bucks if you advertise your services).
  4. Fashion Swap – Clothing purchases are necessary, but if your kids are anything like mine, they grow like weeds. Rather than spending a ton of money on new wardrobes for the family, consider having a fashion swap with people you know. Have them bring clothes they no longer want and swap styles.
  5. DIY Car Maintenance – While major repairs such as engine or transmission work might require the expertise of a mechanic, many of the maintenance tasks are easy to learn on your own. Changing your oil, brake pads, and air filters, for instance, is simple to learn. Learning a few tricks of the trade will save you on the cost of labor.
  6. Make Your Own Cleaning Supplies – Green cleaning is becoming increasingly popular, and making your own cleaning supplies is a lot simpler than you may have imagined. It is also a lot safer for your health and the environment.
  7. Share Cell Phone Plans – Can’t afford your cell phone bill each month? Why not share with a friend or family member? By adding them to the plan, you can split the minutes, data, and the costs.
  8. Share Streaming Services – Streaming services like Hulu and Netflix are very affordable, and have replaced cable in our house altogether. However, if you want to save even more money on these subscription services, you can share the monthly bill. You’ll need to register their devices under your account and provide them with a username and password, but it can cut the cost of the services in half.
  9. Skip the Gym – How often do you go to the gym? If your answer was once per week, you should probably ditch the membership. Instead of paying $120 + a year for a membership, you can get outside and get active for free. Take a walk, go for a run, or even play around with your kids and watch the weight fall off.
  10. Buy Insurance – This one is a surefire way to save money. Without the proper home, renters’, life, and car insurance in place, you run the risk of having to pay out of your pocket.

There you have it. Ten things you can do today that will help you save money around the house. From the grocery bill to clothing and entertainment, you’ll start to see the savings increase with time and practice. Then you can take that extra money and put it to good use. Whether you take a family trip, invest in something for the home, or save it for a rainy day, it’s just nice to have a little extra each month.


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