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The next time you’re sitting waiting for a bus or an elevator, take a look around you. Chances are the majority of the people you see are using a smartphone in one way or another. They may be making a phone call, browsing the Internet, checking email, sending a text, playing a video game, checking their bank account or any of the other hundreds of things a smartphone can do. The point is, they’re completely engrossed in what they’re doing and for the most part oblivious to the world around them. Pedestrians put themselves in danger all the time by walking off street corners while looking straight down at their phones. It’s enough to capture the attention of any business professional who will foam at the mouth thinking of the possibilities.

The Growing Smartphone Population

As these phones are designed to do more and more, smartphone sales are on the rise every day, and a population of children grow up in a world where they’ve never known a day without a pinch screen in front of them. When asked about their smartphones, according to The Huffington Post, over two-thirds of owners say they could not imagine life without their devices. Even though many of the smartphone users report that the most common task they use their phone for, other than making calls, is to check the weather, the phones are an essential part of modern culture. Businesses are tapping into this by providing even more apps and marketing ploys directed at the smartphone population. Any business without an edge to capture the attention of smartphone owners (more than half the people in the world) is going to fall severely behind. It’s all about knowing what the customers for a business use their phone for as well as what they prefer to do in their free time. This will allow any business to have the edge needed to succeed.

Having a Responsive Web Design is a Must

It used to be a lot simpler running a business when all you needed was something like the barcode printers Shopify sells and some good products to sell. These days, you need to have a website as well as an eCommerce solution to offer customers the solution they’re looking for when they’re trying to make a purchase. Of course, as the smartphone increases in popularity, businesses without a responsive design are going to fall behind. At its heart, a responsive design is a simple concept. Since practically every mobile device has a different resolution and screen size, according to Smashing Magazine, creating a one-size-fits-all site doesn’t make sense. Instead, it’s necessary to have a responsive design. With this, the website automatically adjusts to the size of the screen and the resolution it provides. Everything from graphics to navigation bars will alter slightly depending on how the page is being viewed. Even switching from landscape to portrait mode on your device causes the appearance of the website to alter slightly. The end goal is to provide all users the ability to see and interact with the website free of problems.

Providing Information and Marketing Where It Will Be Seen

As many as 57 percent of users say they would not recommend a company if it had a poor mobile site. This is a great example of the importance of creating material designed specifically for a smartphone. By targeting your audience where they spend a great deal of their time, you’re giving them something better to do with their time other than updating their Facebook status. Even though the average user spends more than 2 hours a day on a mobile phone, this doesn’t mean users want to spend all of that time looking at the materials you’re putting online. Keep it short, sweet and to the point. Utilize social media, the perfect vehicle for the smartphone, to provide information to your clients and they can learn while they stand waiting for the elevator.

Don’t Discount Marketing through Smartphone Apps

Businesses everywhere are starting to key into just how easy it is to market to individuals using free mobile games and text chat apps, according to Mobile Marketer. The developers of apps provide their apps for free and offer businesses the right to include banners on the pages. With the exploding frequency of ad-impressions for businesses utilizing this platform, it’s hard to ignore the possibilities available to you. This will require an upfront cost along the same lines as traditional marketing, but when you look at the numbers of people around the world utilizing these apps, the potential becomes staggering. Many of the developers have even incorporated tools in the apps whereby the location of the user is identified and the ads showing up on the platform are chosen based on what’s in that location. These are just a few of the ways that smartphones are changing the way the business world operates today, with even more changes on the horizon.



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